About Us

What is the Nottinghamshire Climate Change Partnership?

We are a collaboration of climate change representatives from local authorities, universities, independent climate change organisations and the health sector. It is a useful, open forum where knowledge, funding opportunities and the latest in government policy is discussed.

NCCP meet on a quarterly basis with a different local authority hosting each time giving them the opportunity to present on a particular project or provide an overview of their work.

The group is coordinated by charity and social enterprise Nottingham Energy Partnership, who are responsible for setting the agenda and securing external industry speakers. Past presentations have been delivered by Warm Zones CIC, CAMCO, Rural Energy and The Energy Saving Trust.

We have a new domestic fuel switching tool, look for a cheaper deal for your gas and electric. The tool is 100% impartial and powered by Energylinx. The group was established by Nottinghamshire County Council in 2005 and handed over to NEP in 2011.

What are the benefits?

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Sharing best practice
  • Forming relationships with neighbouring local authorities and organisations
  • Ensures short-term opportunities are taken advantage of
  • An opportunity to raise awareness of events

We are looking for new members

We welcome new members that can bring something to the table.

We are looking for guest speakers

We are always looking for engaging guest speakers who play a role in the climate change agenda, whether your speciality is in housing, energy, policy or renewables.

Please contact us with any questions.